Needles in my Nips

!*!*!TMI Warning!*!*!

Well hello thrush. How very nice of you to show up. You feel like needles in my nipples. You’re welcome to leave sooner rather than later…

So here I am…sitting out on my back patio topless…sunning my nipples. I read that helps. I’m thinking the heat is stimulating my let down reflex a little because I’m dripping. I’ve got blankets lining the patio for privacy. Yay motherhood. The first of many glorious things I’m sure.  

There are times when I see myself in situations and think “This is so weird it’s funny!!” and “Well… I never imagined I’d be doing this! But here I am!”. And then I think about if someone saw me or took a picture of me. They would be thinking “What the fuck is she doing?” HA! This is one of those times. Though this pretty much sucks, I’m happy to have noticed the good things in the situation.

Good thing #1 – I didn’t continue to think this is ‘normal’.  I thought maybe this pain was normal or perhaps due to using incorrect sizes on my breastpump. I figured soon I’d find the right size and the pain would stop, but I tried every size and the pain continued. Finally, on Saturday morning, I called the Le Leche League Lady to get more input on where Samson and I could go next. Eventually, I would like to try nursing again, but the pain was just too much right now. I couldn’t even imagine trying to breastfeed if this condition didn’t get better. It had to get better, right? She mentioned thrush so I came home and looked that up. Yup! I self-diagnosed that quickly!  

Good thing #2 – Good people.  The book said there is an over the counter remedy, Gentian violet. I called the Downs drug-store. No luck. I called S&S. They didn’t have it. I couldn’t bare the thought of going all weekend without something to help. I asked if the pharmacist was in. Yes! He was!! Thanks for working on Saturday!! It was pretty strange telling someone you know about the fungal infection on your boobs…but whatever – the whole world knows now. He suggested I call the ER to see if I could get a prescription. I did! The nurses were great! They called the doctor and called me back right away to let know it was being sent over. It was 12:30 and the pharmacy called back to let me know they got it and they close at 1. Crap! My mom had just left Ellsworth and was planning to swing by on her way through. We made it work. 

For the little things like that, I’m grateful for Good Thing #3 – Small Town Life – where people are willing to help people out!

Good Thing #4 – Samson doesn’t have it. This condition is easily passed between baby and mama. I’m thinking we lowered the risk because I went strictly to pumping and bottle feeding for various reasons. The first few times I chose to do that, I felt like a failure. Now I see it as a blessing.

Good Thing #5 – Less noticeable tan lines.  


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