So Thankful for the Rain

No – I’m not a farmer.  Nor do I have grass planted this year.  I am thankful for the rain because God knew I needed my husband today.  We didn’t get much, but just enough that he didn’t work today.  I’m sitting here being a slave to the breast pump, power pumping to try and increase supply.  The baby is actually sleeping and Drew is in the back bedroom playing his guitar and singing.  In this moment, I am happy.  I just pumped more than I ever have and it’s so calming hearing Drew play and sing.

Samson tricked me last night.  Two times during the night, he fell right back asleep and I was able to lay him down and go right to bed.  I was hoping to do the same this morning at 5 am, but he had other plans.  Clearly, it was time to get up.  As my husband kissed me goodbye to go to work, I was weeping a little and whining “I just want to sleep!”.  Only weeping, not sobbing.  That’s progress!  He returned home around 8:30 when Samson and I were napping in the recliner in the nursery.  Thank God.  

After Samson ate again, Drew and I decided we were hungry.  We decided we would both LOVE to go to Hebrews for breakfast, but felt it was a little risky.  We called the order in to go.  The drive to Glen Elder and back almost felt like a date and the coffee was SO GOOD!  We flipped on The Price is Right and ate our breakfast.  Best date ever!

Today he’s been helping me around the house here and there and truthfully, it’s just calming to have him home.  He sterilized the bottles, emptied the trash, changed one big ‘ol dirty diaper and helped me make homemade ice cream.  That man! He’s just so amazing!  I cannot count how many times during the day when I think to myself “How does anyone single parent?  I am so incredibly blessed to have such a loving and serving husband!”


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