The Early Christmas Surprise

Our original plan:  To make your gender a Christmas surprise.  I had it all planned out!  We would keep it a surprise to Drew and I both, then open this little box on Christmas that would have a little pink or a little blue pacifier in it!  Our appointment was on a Monday and our awesome nurse removed one of the two pacifiers from the box and sent Carmen a snapchat telling her what you are so she could get some little cards ordered for us to send out by the end of the week!  I Christmas wrapped the box up as soon as she brought it back to us!  Your dad hated this plan from the beginning.  I am ornery.  And truthfully, just thought it was funny to watch your dad squirm with impatience.

    What really happened:  Tuesday morning I woke up and had dreamt about this little box ALL NIGHT.  In THREE different dreams!!  Two of them were about the little box with the ONE pacifier in it.  In another dream, we had the sonogram pictures, but you weren’t a baby!  You were some sort of tiny reindeer or something!  We used them as clues to try and figure out your gender, but we never did!  This little box and CD of ultrasound pictures sat under the Christmas tree all day.  I was half tempted to go to LHS over my Lunch so Drew and I could just open the box!  Carmen said don’t do it!  I was laughing at myself never thinking it would be this hard to wait just 6 days.  Maybe what got to me was the fact that other people knew and we didn’t know, plus all we had to do was open the box!  After making Drew promise not to tell ANYONE – not even a “don’t tell Shannon I told you” to Greg – we opened the little box Tuesday night!  (Carmen don’t be mad! :)).  Drew opened it and I had the best time watching him open it and seeing his reaction!  

The next week we sent out our Holiday scratch cards!  It was so much fun seeing calls, texts and snapchats come in from all of our friends and family who had received them!!!


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