4-5-inches3-5-ouncesStarting at 10 weeks, I decided to start writing to my little bun in the oven!  I thought it would be kind of a neat way to capture some of our life during the pregnancy and make a cute little scrapbook!  I wasn’t sure I’d share this with everyone, but it’s really all I’ve been writing lately.  Therefore – here’s a little update on baby Duskie!

16 Weeks 12/14/17

Good Morning Baby!!

I think I felt you wake up this morning with me!  There’s these little weird feelings kind of in the middle of my lower stomach.  Not really aches or pains, just weird feelings that are different from cramps or gas.  I’m guessing it’s you! 

Today my Ovia app tells me that you are the size of an action figure or dill pickle.  I know those things are fun and all, but you know…there’s several sizes of action figures or dill pickles so I’m really not sure how big you are based on that comparison.  The Google tells me you’re about 4.5 inches long and about 3.5 ounces.  The Google also says avocado.  Based on the measurements, just a regular avocado…not a jumbo one!

I’m wearing my favorite pregnant outfit today.  Hand me down tights from Yaya that have a small hole in them and one of your dads long sleeve shirts! Nowadays, when I actually put my jeans on, they are held together with a rubber band that I luckily found laying around the house.

Dad and I have been tossing around names if we find out you’re a boy!  I’ve had my mind set on one for months, even before you were conceived…but dad doesn’t seem to think he likes it…yet.  There are a few other potentials.  Our main criteria seems to be:

  • it must be a name that’s not abbreviated to something stupid sounding 
  • it must sound good when we’re cheering for you playing basketball later in life
  • it must be something that sounds cool 

For now…we’re just going to call you SamBob.  I can’t WAIT to find out if you’re a tiny little boy or girl!  It’s going to be the most exciting Christmas ever this year!!

Love Mom!


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