Just A Day in the Life

It’s Sunday morning. 8:39 am and it’s chilly.  Warm for October though. 50 degrees.  I’m bundled up in my sweats, slippers, scarf, hat and two blankets because I wanted to be outside.  Woke up at 7 since I feel asleep on the couch at 9.  Ahhh I feel so refreshed from a good long sleep!  I don’t even feel bad about falling asleep at 9 on a Saturday night.  #adulting 

Yesterday was a long day!  Friday night we went to Kelsey & Tim’s Halloween party.  I was a ninja.  I’m not sure what Drew was.  I’m never really sure what Drew is for Halloween.  It was good to get out and see everyone!  We got home around 1:45 or so.  Then I was up early to go walk in a Halloween Fun Run at the hospital.  Mary Jane had invited me to walk with her!  I’m so glad she did! We had such a great morning!  She’d told me previously that she was not dressing up.  When I arrived, she was in full-on witch attire.  Good thing I brought some back-up mouse ears!  I stuck those on my head and we took off!! And just because of that, I got 2nd place in the adult costume contest and a $20 subway gift card! Woohoo!  Afterwards, we hopped in Mary Jane’s convertible Mini Cooper, put the top down and headed to the garage sales!  My treasures included a couple of baby books, a baby carrier and two plastic plates.  The baby carrier is my very first purchase for the baby!  

I headed home.  It was so nice to have a good day at home!  I did laundry, packed up some clothes that don’t fit and got rid of some.  Vacuumed, mopped and just piddled.  At 2, I went to Jill’s so she could look through some jewelry I didn’t need, then we went to the agape shop. No treasures there for me.  I was looking for a frame or a board that I could make into a chalkboard.  Those cute little pregnancy chalkboards that people take their picture by each week.  No luck.  But then – I got home and looked in a closet and there it was.  The perfect size board!  I took it out to my little work bench and painted it up!  Oddly, it was 80 degrees yesterday, so it took no time at all to dry!

At a quarter to 4, I started to get ready for the trunk or treat.  Though I didn’t have a trunk, I did dress up a little and go to the park to help if needed and take pictures!  I’d planned to be a ninja again, but thought I would die from the heat if I dressed myself up in black from head to toe.  I stuck the mouse ears back on, hollered at Abby, and off we went! 14,000 steps already today!

The trunk-or-treat was great!  We had cars all the way around the park and lots of kids!!  I’m quite surprised how well these have gone over the last two years!  It makes me happy.

Back at home.  Finished painting my chalkboard.  Cooked a shitty frozen pizza and rented Maleficent.  What a wonderful Saturday!


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