Try For A Year

Try for a year and come back if nothing happens.  That’s it.  That’s what the doctor told us.  A few friends said they were told the same.  That’s crap.

I wish we would’ve taken it upon ourselves to learn a little sooner.  I guess Drew and I just figured that making babies was easy. They were popping up all around us.  I’d been told by a couple of doctors that I should have no problem getting pregnant.  Even after we waited a year and went back, I was told that I should be an easy fix.  I feel like just maybe this is something that doctors shouldn’t say to their patients. 

After my pep-talk with Vicki a couple of months ago, I stopped feeling so sorry for myself and sought out information for myself.  Jeez – I sure wish that would’ve happened sooner.  But it didn’t, so oh well.  

Here are a few of the resources that I feel really helped me through the last couple of months and I sure wish I would’ve found them two years ago!

Beat Infertility Podcast
I love podcasts in general and would download them and listen while driving, cleaning around the house, running, or whatever!  Simply hearing other women talk about it encouraged me to talk about it.  It made me feel OK about the feelings I was having.  One episode in particular, a woman said “Infertility makes you feel like an ugly person on the inside.”  She went on to explain how you want to feel overly happy when your friends, your good friends that you love so much, tell you they are pregnant.  It’s so weird because you feel like an awful person for not instantly feeling the way you think you should be feeling.  It comes around.  It’s not like I’m mad that my friends are pregnant!  That’s ridiculous!  I am so happy for them and praise God for it!  That instant reaction is just a tough little speed bump to get over at first.  The podcast also just provided more information to look into and explore.  How thyroid dysfunction can affect the ability to conceive, high prolactin levels, benefits of acupuncture, etc.  

Circle Bloom
One of the podcast episodes highlighted a program called Circle Bloom.  Basically, a meditation program to help the mind-body connection.  Simply explained in an example.  “Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Turn your right hand palm up.  Now imagine that a big juicy apple(or favorite fruit of choice) is in your hand.  Think about it and how good it is, think about biting into it.”  As you think about this, your mouth will typically start to water.  The program has one, twenty-minute track to listen to each day of  your cycle.  It starts with a relaxation and then moves into what your hormones should be doing in your body.  I didn’t listen to it every day, but I did some days and when I was getting acupuncture.  I was to the point where I’d try about anything.  I like meditation in general and figured this was something that couldn’t hurt, so why not? 

Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility
I LOVED this book!  I loved how it explained things easily and I loved the mix of information between Western and Eastern Medicine.  I loved how it was written and how the authors tell you what they will explain, and then explain it.  I resonated with their viewpoints.  They weren’t anti-IVF.  They were very much for it if needed.  They explained what natural things could be the source of infertility and what should be explored before western culture guides you toward it.  It was scattered with examples of real people who had come to them for help and what helped them conceive.  When I finally got to the point to take the quiz to determine my fertility type (dry-stuck), I was nearly laughing reading the descriptions of them.  They were so spot on!  As someone who needs to know the why…simply identifying this, was a huge help to me mentally.  My brain said “Ok! I guess this makes sense!!  And all of the changes they recommend will make me a healthier person all around even if I don’t get pregnant, so what the hell!”
This as another resource I heard about through the podcast.  It was helpful when just seeking out information and if we had questions come up.

Hopefully this article finds someone who doesn’t know where to start.  I know I didn’t.  And when I did decide to start looking, we were already a year and a half into our journey.  I know there are so many more great resources out there and every couple’s journey is different.

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