Wish Upon An Airplane

It is 6:17am on Thursday morning and I just finished a 3 mile run. It was a pretty slow 3 mile run…but it felt good. I woke up, stepped out on my front porch. It’s a beautiful morning! Praise God! There is so much to praise God for today!

Yesterday. Oh my God. Yesterday.  Here is he story of Wednesday’s events.

I slept in until 6, threw on my sweats, grabbed a pillow and my yoga mat and headed to the front porch.  We had two doctors appointments in Salina, so I thought it would be a good idea to get my head on straight.  The stars were so bright and beautiful!!   Instead of sitting up and cross-legged like usual, I laid down.  Starring up at the sky, I began to pray.  I’ve been using the PRAY method to pray. I’ve heard of this before, but someone recently reminded me of it.

  • Praise
  • Regret
  • Ask
  • Yield

After praising and regretting, it was time to Ask.  I thought to myself, “God can make miracles!  So even if there wasn’t a baby in my belly, if He would please just  go ahead and stick one in there, that’d be great!!”(Yes.. that exact verbiage). Then I asked Him that even if He decided not to, that Drew and I would trust that it is right.  Trust that He will bless us when the time is right because only He knows the master plan.  I laid there. I saw what I thought was a faint shooting star and I wished for a baby. Then I saw an airplane, told myself it was a shooting star, and wished for a baby again.

I was excited to start the day because this last cycle has been the best cycle! I even made it to 28 days!!  That has NEVER happened!!  I told myself – regardless of what happens, things are kicking in, my body is starting to get on track and the HCG shots totally helped.  For all of that, I was already super grateful!

We started at 9am at Dr. Ablard’s office. This was the first time seeing her.  We liked her nurse and we liked her.  She recommended our next step be a HSG, which could be done during my next cycle and went through some different treatment options.  She also recommended Drew get re-tested.  She ordered some blood work that had not previously been done along with a pregnancy test since I hadn’t yet started my next cycle.  It was kind of strange because we weren’t sure where to go from there.  We were kind of in limbo because our next appointment was with Dr. Hogan at 10:20 and we had already submitted our referral paperwork to Dr. Hilgers in Omaha to get further testing such as the HSG.  The nurse, Leann, wrote down which blood work tests they were doing so that if Dr. Hogan ordered any, they would know that it was already done.  I got my blood drawn and got a little light headed…but just a little.  We headed a few blocks down Santa Fe for the next appointment.

At One Body Clinic, we were told that we should be hearing back soon from Dr. Hilgers.  Great!  We are so ready for the next step!  Our appointment with Dr. Hogan went well. She, too, was excited that my cycle was longer and my corpus luteum seemed to be functioning better!! YAY!  Typically she will test for pregnancy on day P+17. Wednesday was P+16 so she said we should go ahead and do it because if we actually were pregnant, I would need to get progesterone shots that afternoon.  I let her know that it was already done and she stepped out to make a call to Dr. Ablard.  Dr. Ablard said she would call Dr. Hogan as soon as she got the results.  After the call, Dr. Hogan started going into what would be next if, in fact, the test came back positive.  Drew and I were only half listening and I think all that we gathered was that he’d have to give me shots in the butt.  We knew we weren’t pregnant and we sure didn’t want to get our hopes up.

I’d taken a urine pregnancy test on Tuesday.  I really don’t know why because even if it would’ve tested positive, I would have disregarded it since she said that HCG injections will obviously make you test positive on pregnancy tests even when you are not pregnant.  I thought maybe I saw a faint line, like so faint I was making it up.  So I trashed it and thought nothing more of it.

While in the city, we treated ourselves to some Buffalo Wild Wings and played a little trivia while we waited for our food. Drew won of course.  I suck at trivia. And since my food didn’t arrive in 15 minutes, it was FREE!! Woohoo! The volume on my phone was turned up and my phone sat on the table as I devoured my delicious chicken tacos. It rang.

Me: Hello!!

Cheryl: Hi Shannon?

Me: Yes!

Cheryl: Are you sitting down?

Me: Yes!

Cheryl: The test was positive.

Me: (no response. I couldn’t even talk)

Cheryl: Are you there?

Me: Yes

Cheryl: Ok- come back over!

So that’s when we found out.  We were tearing up right there in Buffalo Wild Wings while Drew was face deep in teriyaki boneless wings!  It couldn’t have been more perfect!

We headed back to Dr. Hogans office where she gave us the next steps for treatment and the nurses showed Drew how to stab my butt with a needle then slowly inject progesterone. It didn’t really hurt all that bad yesterday, but man…sitting all day today might!  This will happen Friday again.  Tuesday I’ll go in for blood work to test progesterone levels and some other stuff. Then will need the injections every Tuesday and Friday unless my body starts making enough.

Is this real?  I keep asking myself. Saying over and over in my head. “I’m pregnant!” I just want to tell everyone! And why can’t we? Why do we have to wait like everyone else?  I’m 4 weeks pregnant.  Like…there’s a living thing in me. I’m scared, excited, grateful, happy.

Drew asked me “Is it ok to be excited? Like what if something happens?”. I decided YES!!  Because even if something does happen, we still know that it’s possible to conceive on our own and that is something to be so very grateful for!


2 thoughts on “Wish Upon An Airplane”

  1. Shannon, I don’t know if you remember me, Bill Tates wife, but, I am so happy for you!!! With God’s help, persistence pays off! How exciting! Congratulations!!!


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