Birth Control

As a senior in high school, maybe even younger now, it is common to go see your first woman doctor.  So I did.  Everything checked out fine.  No irregular periods, no intense pain, nothing.  My medical history is pretty much squeaky clean.  The doctor discussed birth control options.  I knew my some of my friends were on it and though I wasn’t having sex at the time, she made it seem like a good idea.  I opted for Depo-Provera.  On the shot, it’s typical to have a light period once every three months around the same time you go in for your next shot.  Some women on the shot don’t get a period at all.  To me – at 18, this sounded great!  That time of the month always sucked anyways, so why not just eliminate it all together right?

In order to continue getting birth control, you must see your doctor every year.  I continued seeing a doctor at Lafene at K-State and continued with the Depo Shot.  From what I could tell, I didn’t have any side effects.  I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t think I was moody and my period came about every three months.  At one point, for one month, I switched from the shot to a pill.  I felt like I was hungry all the time and I cried a lot.  Though I’m not sure if this was the pill or life’s circumstances that brought this on, I’m blaming it on the pill.  So I went back to Depo.

Out of college, newly married and relocated, I went to see a new doctor in Beloit for my yearly exam.  I had talked to her about potentially getting off of the shot since I’d been on it for 6 years.  I had heard that it takes a while to get out of your system and although we weren’t wanting to have kids now, I didn’t want to disrupt our future plans.  She informed me that since I still had regular 3 month cycles and my mother had no problems conceiving, then I should have no problems when the time came and for now staying on Depo would be ok.

Two years later – Drew and I decide we’d like to start a family.  Two years later – we are still trying to start a family.

Last year, I had the opportunity to help teach a Theology of the Body program to our high school students at Sts. Peter & Paul.  From August 2015 through April 2016, we basically talked about not having sex!  At least that’s the main thing the kids got out of it – which is good.  What was great…was the WHY!  Why God made us the way we are and why he says to wait for marriage and why our bodies are amazing.

In February of 2016, Drew and I started seeing a NFP instructor.  Although I really hated doing the charts along with everything else that goes into charting and was pissed off that we had to do them when so many other people just got pregnant instantly, the fact that we learned that at the same time I was teaching Theology of the Body was not coincidence.  God totally planned that.  It really allowed it to sink in for me.

People may say that the Catholic Church is radical when it comes to views on birth control.  I know that birth control in general is a controversial topic.  My view is that if you use your body in the way that God intended, you would not need it.

I think it stinks that it is such a culturally accepted thing and if you’re not on it, you’re weird.  I think it affects your body in way more ways than many women are aware especially when you start it at such a young age when you are still trying to figure out who you are.  It can affect your moods, your happiness, your appetite, your fertility…just to name a few.  And I think it stinks that it seems to be the go-to drug for treating other things like acne and hormonal imbalances.  I’m no doctor – so I don’t know it all.

I don’t blame the doctors that I’ve seen in the past for my infertility.  But I do wish that someone would have discussed the opposite side of things.  Would I have listened? I’m not sure.

I wish that I knew what I know now…when I was younger. – thank you Rod Stewart.

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