I Just Wanna Woo All Day!

I woke up this morning – sleep deprived.  Could. Not. Stop. Watching. Bloodline.  Drew finally turned it off after midnight.  I woke up from my five and a half hour power nap.  HELLO MONDAY!!!

I forced myself out of bed knowing that I’d feel more energetic for my fun-filled morning if I just went for a run.  High school rap songs accompanied me around Cawker City this morning and at about mile 2.5, I stopped right in the middle of the street to STOP, DROP, KABOOM!  I giggled wondering if anyone happened to be peeking out their window at 6:23am!  I kind of hoped so and if so – I hope they laughed!

At home, I kissed my hunky husband goodbye and he left for work.  I shifted my music selection to upbeat Christian and hopped in the shower.  Put my feel good dress on and bright pink lipstick to match!  Then headed off to Beloit.

On my drive over, I put on the EntreLeadership podcast.  My mind drifted as I started to ponder some grateful and maybe somewhat odd feelings.

“Wow! This is so awesome! How long has it been since I woke up in my own cozy bed, went for a nice morning run, showered and made myself all pretty and enjoyed a drive!  Then to top it off – I get to see people all morning! I was SO EXCITED!  I am weird.”

This morning I helped with a program called KidsLead.  Leadership Mitchell County puts on a kids program for kids in the 5th, 6th & 7th grade.  My topic was diversity.  I was the first presentation on the first day of the camp this year.  I was a little nervous considering I’d never been involved with the program before and did minimal preparation.  Not to mention that sometimes I think I feel just as awkward around these kids as they do in their adolescence.  We did a fun ice-breaker activity that went well, talked a little about diversity.  I was so happy that Eric and Ingrid were there to jump in and help me out!

Ingrid did her presentation on strengths & leadership next as I watched and took some pictures.  When the kids were working on writing down their individual strengths, I just wanted to sit down with them and do it too! So I did!  It was so fun to watch from the balcony as they listened, did the activities and interacted with each other!  To see who was more extroverted, who was more introverted.  To hear them talk about what they liked and didn’t like  and how they viewed themselves.  It was just so dang cool! Their youth rubbed off on me a little and  I hope that a little of my positive excited-ness rubbed off on them!

Sitting in the midst of the kids, I thought to myself “I just wanna stay here and woo all day!”

I knew I couldn’t stay there all day of course, so I headed home to work!  I was pleasantly surprised by a customer who I’d been trying and trying to reach. She finally wanted to talk to me! YAY!  And another who was a new contact, super organized and ready to roll with a large order! Woo Hoo!

And I thought again – “Well… I guess I can continue to woo over the phone!”  And so I did.

Because sometimes I just wanna woo all day.

What the heck is Woo?
People strong in the Woo theme love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person. – Strengths Finder 2.0

If you’ve taken the strengths test I would LOVE to know what your strengths are!  Mine were so on point that I laughed the whole time I was reading about them!

My Top 5 Strengths
1. Achiever
2. Learner
3. Relator
4. Woo
5. Competition


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