It’s the little interactions that I miss most.  You just don’t get those when you work from home.  My typical interactions this summer include kissing my husband goodbye as he grumpily (is that a word?) takes off to work in the 100 degree weather. I ask Abby if she’s ready for her breakfast.  If I could figure out how to record that for you and post it here, I would… It’s definitely ‘dog talk’ with a high infliction toward the end.  As I head back into the bedroom, Opie bites my leg to remind me that I forgot to feed him.  I guess he should have breakfast too.  I half-ass get ready for the day by deciding which workout pants and tank top to wear, throw on a little makeup and make my hair not look like bed head.  I make myself breakfast and head into my office.

This morning was different.  I woke up at the Hampton Inn in Manhattan.  I LOVE this hotel.  The beds and the pillows are so nice and fluffy.  I love that they put the coffee maker on the desk and not in the bathroom.  I like that they have a cute little towel rack with rolled towels  instead of folded towels.  I’m all ready to go so I exit my room toward the elevator and a gentleman carrying American flag cowboy boots says “Good Morning!” I return it with a “Good Morning!” He asks why I’m all dressed up.  I responded that I was just headed to work and he says “Well you look awfully pretty today!” in a very simple and kind tone.  How could this not boost my mood?  Especially because I was debating on what to wear, not feeling my best because I haven’t been working out or eating well at all and I can feel it.  I can see it.  I feel self-conscious about it.  His kinds words brightened my day.  I sat down to eat my eggs at breakfast. By the way,  The Hampton Inn also has great breakfast!  The mustaches on their cups also hint that they’ve got a sense of humor!  Three men, I’d say about my age, were talking about Starbucks and trying to find one.  I told them that Dillon’s right around the corner has one or Redina’s Bakehouse, a local shop, was close.  I head to work in the office and make my rounds saying “Good Morning!”  Some faces I recognize, some I don’t.  Either way – just smiling and being smiled back  at boosts my energy.

These are the little tidbits of joy and happiness boosters that I miss and greatly appreciate. Though working from home does have perks, it’s these little things I miss most.  Short and normal interactions with others.



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