To make a long story short, here’s a list of my firsts over the last 48 hours.

  • Went to a rock concert at the Starlight Theater
  • Used an electronic boarding pass
  • Experienced freaky turbulence
  • Went through the Washington, DC airport
  • Saw the Washington Memorial
  • Visited in Charleston, SC
  • Explored the outdoor markets
  • Ate the most delicious key lime pie and got a shrimp peeling lesson
  • Walked along Folly Beach & saw the Atlantic Ocean
  • Learned to paddle board
  • Saw a dolphin In its natural habitat

The Long Story.  If you wish to continue reading.

Friday, Drew & I took off for KC.  His aunt Julie invited us to go to a rock concert for his birthday.  I’m not much of a music person.  If I like it, I like it and I probably have no clue who sings it or what the actual words are.  Therefore, even though I asked Drew several times who we were going to see and he told me several times who we were going to see, I still had no idea who we were actually going to see.

Thursday night, I was throwing a little fit because…for one… I was exhausted trying to get caught up on work before I left this week.  And two…what the hell do people wear to a rock concert?  My typically “it’s fricken hot out, flowery sundress” didn’t seem like the right attire.  I finally settled on jean shorts and a tank top complete with a spiked up fo-hawk hairdo and heavy blue eyeliner.  Success! I fit right in!

Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm and Shinedown.   I certainly wouldn’t have sought out something like this on my own, but thoroughly enjoyed it none the less.  The Starlight Theater was beautiful and people watching was fabulous!!  The music wasn’t even all that bad.  I think maybe I kind of even liked some of it!  Doing new and exciting things, no matter what they are, is sure a great source of my happiness!   And it was awesome to spend some time with Drew and his family!

Onto some more firsts.  My flight left out of KC at 7:28am headed through Washington, DC with Charleston, SC being my final destination.  Never been through the airport in DC.  Never been to Charleston.  Before landing in DC, we experienced some super freaky turbulence that I’ve certainly never experienced before, and I think I almost peed my pants!  Thank God we landed safely in DC and it was super cool to see the Washington Monument!  Landed in Charleston and we were off to do a little exploring.

Eric found some cool places to go see downtown – so we ventured through these cute little markets.  Then headed to Bowans Island Restuarant.  It was packed!  The line was all the way out the door, a clear sign that we found something great!  The food was fabulous and the service was even better!  I even got a shrimp peeling lesson – which was much needed!  Our after dinner entertainment was watching a crab pull a big ‘ol cigarette down into his little crab hole!

Charleston Outdoor Adventures was located right next to the restaurant, so I decided to book a paddle boarding tour for Sunday! This is something I’ve never done and always wanted to do!  I was just ecstatic that Eric didn’t mind!

After 10 blissful hours of sleep Saturday night, I headed to a St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church at 8:30.  I considered not going.  I always kind of do when I’m not at home.  Then I am always happy after I force myself to go.  It’s just where I’m supposed to be and knew I would feel guilty all day if I didn’t go.

Then off to paddle boarding.  Where I met some local people, learned how to paddle board sitting, kneeling, and standing.  As I watched 2 other girls on my tour, I thanked God for my natural athletic ability that made this adventure enjoyable!  We went swimming, did a little paddle board yoga, saw a dolphin and learned about the wildlife in the area!  It’s too bad the tour had to end!

But it did – so I figured it was about time to do what I was actually sent here to do!  Eric and I headed to the convention center and set up our GTM booth for the SCACA clinic.  I’m so grateful to GTM for facilitating a little much-needed adventure into my life!



One thought on “Firsts”

  1. Shannon, thanks for coming with Drew and I to the concert, it was so much fun! It sounds like your trip has brrn great and I hope you make it homr safely!

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