For what it’s worth…I will pray for you.

It’s a fricken monsoon outside this morning.  So loud I can barely hear my own thoughts. The wind and rain are bitchslapping the side of the house and I’m trying to drown out the aggressive noise of the storm with music through my headphones.  Laughing out loud more than necessary about the bitchslapping analogy.

Now giggling, it’s hard for me to move into what I really want to write about this morning. So here it is. TRANSITION HERE.

“For what it’s worth…I will  pray for you.”

This is just one of the several loving, caring, amazing responses that I received yesterday.  Likes and Loves from those who took the time to read my first post shared with the world.  Simple “I love yous” and “thinking of yous.”  Women in my life reaching out via message to share their personal stories of infertility and heartbreak.  To all of you – Thank you.  For some, the responses may have come easy.  For others, and in which the category I fall, your response may have taken a while.  I have a hard time responding to personal, sad, hard, however you want to categorize it, situations.  I always think to myself “What can I even say that might bring this person any sort of comfort!”  I feel it is easier when I can directly relate, but sometimes I just feel sad that another human has to struggle like they are in that moment.

“For what it’s worth…I will pray for you.”

The truth is you may NOT be able to say anything at all that might bring this person comfort.  Sadness, Anger, Heartbreak, etc. are not simply cured by one person’s words.  Perhaps you don’t have a relatable story of your own.  But there is always prayer.  No one person can control life’s hard circumstances.  That comes from above.

I always feel a little weird saying “I’ll pray for you” to another person.  Do they take this to heart? Do they have faith in God? Or is this just an empty statement to them?  Whichever the case…sometimes it truly is all that we can do.  I’ve determined that I will say this more often.

“For what it’s worth…I will pray for you.”

It could mean little or everything to the recipient. However, the results are similar.  God will hear me pray for them.


4 thoughts on “For what it’s worth…I will pray for you.”

  1. Shannon I appreciate your sharing your struggles with infertility, I can feel your pain, I haven’t forgotten mine!
    However, for what it’s worth. I always say that God has a plan, we don’t know what its is or always appreciate “his time” but there is a reason and a purpose for us to give it up to him and “his will” will be done. I can now look back and see how I have benifited. I think you are an awesome person, I’m so glad you are willing to share your “trials” with others, I later wished I had been more open about our infertility. I always felt that no one could understood how I was feeling but I think I was wrong about that too. Keep writing, you are loved!

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  2. I’ve been thinking about you since I read your post yesterday. I didn’t comment, but I did pray for you. So funny you should mention it today. Prayers.

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  3. Your words really reached out to me……can words help? What can I say when I haven’t walked in her shoes? “For what it’s worth, ….I will pray for you.”……how to the point for what to say and do in any situation! Your conclusion says it all.

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