What do I write?

I’ve never really gone back and read through my past journals.  I guess I never really felt a need to.  I don’t really write anything profound and It’s not too often I finish and think “Yeah… that was really good!”

Journaling kind of freaks people out.  I find it relaxing in a way.  A way to re-think about things and process them differently than when you were actually in the moment.  I’ve been asked “What do you write?”.  I write about events of the day mostly.  Seemingly insignificant things.  Then my thoughts about those events and activities of the day.  That’s how I get started anyways.  Then it typically seems to drift to other things.  Things I wasn’t even aware that I was thinking.  Other times I will read – then ponder & write.

Lately, I have been looking through past journals.  I’m not sure why or what I’m looking for.  Am I hoping that I will find something?  Am I wanting to go back to another place in life?

My life feels out of equilibrium.  Unbalanced.  Perhaps I am looking for the time where I felt balance.  Wondering what I can do to get back there.

This week, I was looking for something cute or a good verse to write on a card.  Therefore, I did actually know my reason for looking though a 2014 journal.  I stumbled across this:


It stood out to me the first time and I stared at it for a second and moved on.  Then I found it again several pages later and thought “Maybe this is a sign.  Maybe this is something God wants to tell me right now.”  Later – I was cleaning out my office in an attempt to have ‘outer order contribute to inner calm’.  I found it again.  Written on a sticky note.  This time I knew it was surely a sign.  He knew I needed to see this. To put my focus back on Him.


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